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Monday, January 17, 2011

Doing the background work-

I've spent some of this morning researching the Director of Veterans Support Services position that I am interviewing for tomorrow. Over the weekend, I've decided that I would really like this job and it might just be the calling that I have been looking for these past months.

One thing I discovered is that the center has received a new name. It used to be called the Utah Student Veterans Center and their website and blog are way out of date. The former director was a junior at the university, heading off to study and surf in Hawaii and had just a few years of military service time.

The more I look at the requirements of the job description, the more I think that I could do a really good job in being this director. I'd have to bone up on all the different agencies and programs that are out there to assist veterans but I believe I could become their very strong advocate. The commute into Sale Lake City and across town to the university every day would suck but if I decide to use public transportation, the Front Runner trains have wi-fi so I could catch up on my mail and news and blogging while getting to work. And in the warm months, I have Sleek Black Beauty to ride!

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